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Orgamedi seeks to
become an international
company by 2020. This is
what we stand for.

Orgamedi is a company that has secured advanced technology with years of preliminary basic research through joint research with, Yonsei University Medical Center, which boasts 130 years of history and tradition. Launched in 2016, Orgamedi has acquired the technology that uses flexible filament materials to produce custom human organs. Our 3D printed anatomical parts, overcomes the limits of x-rays, CT scans, and MRIs. With the purpose to aid physicians around the world, Orgamedi's 3D models are intricately designed and produced. Instead of coloring the surface of a mono-color print, Orgamedi's models are printed with full color filaments which increases similarity with actual organs. Therefore, we have achieved world-class competitiveness by launching the first flexible color products in Korea.

One of Orgamedi's revolutionary findings was developing a scaffold field not available in Korea, which is necessary for basic medical experiments. We succeeded in achieving 50μm fiber space, which is 6 times higher than conventional 300μm precision.

The biggest driving force behind these successes is our people, the talents of Orgamedi. Orgamedi develops specialized products and technologies with engineers of specialized skills and medical research teams at Severance Hospital. It is our strong corporate culture that keeps our principles professionally and humbly competitive and challenging. On the basis of that, we strive to provide satisfaction to doctors and patients and will advance the idea of a 'Globalized Orgamedi'

We are leaping vigorously towards 'Global Orgamedi'. As you can see from the National Institutes of Health's database, there are more than 3,000 medical 3D printing researches. Proving the fact that there are many applications in the world regarding 3D techonology. In addition, the future development of Orgamedi's technology will benefit cancer treatment with the manufacturing technology of shape memory polymer by 2020.

At Orgamedi, our objective is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of human health and medical care with our innovative technology, Severance medical researchers, and Orgamedi staff, all over the world.
Orgamedi will continue to innovate and challenge current limitations to achieve our vision.

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Company Profile

  • 2017. 03

    Open Research Center (In Yonsei University Medical Center Industry-Industrial convergence center)

  • 2017. 01

    Development of the world's highest precision scaffold

  • 2016. 12

    Apply for a patent for 3D printing equipment for human organ medical model research

  • 2016. 02

    Receive a request of the model of cardiology heart (Sinchon Severance)

  • 2016. 02

    Win the Rehobot Startup Support Project

  • 2015. 12

    Research Convention on the Medical Research Center of Yonsei

  • 2015. 12

    Selected as the Korea Research Institute of Science and Technology (KISTI) Business Idea

CEO Profile

  • 2017

    Yonsei University Medical School Biotechnology

  • 2017

    'Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information(KISTI)

  • 2015

    An adjunct professor of Kyungbok University

  • 2014

    3D Printing Professional Course at Hanyang University

  • 2002

    CJ(Corp.) Pharmaceutical Business Headquarters

  • 1990

    A macromolecule researcher of Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology Polymeric Research

CI (Corporate Identity)

오가메디 CI

Orgamedi CEO : David Kwon
Address : 943 H-1 KIST(Korea Institute of Science and Technology) Hwarangno 14gil 5 Seongbuk-gu, Seoul 02792 KOREA
Tel : 82-2-365-7577 Fax : 82-2-365-7599
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